Saturday, 10 February 2018

Boss Shots - Blackcurrant Tunes - Review

Today we're talking about DIY e-liquid and in particular the Boss Shot by Flavour Boss.

Now, many of us have tried DIY e-liquid and found it to be harsh flavourless swill that ended up down the drain, or on the other end of the scale it was utterly delicious, but just destroyed coils and so we got fed up. This is where the Boss Shot comes in, I've been using them for well over a year now, and other than my monthly treat of a Zamplebox (review coming soon) it's just about the only e-liquid I now vape.

What is a "Boss Shot"? Well basically it's a large bottle (either 500ml or 1l, with 250ml offering coming soon) delivered to your door containing usually around 50-100ml of flavour concentrate to which you add PG, VG and if you so desire nicotine, give it a shake up and vape! Some varieties require steeping (locking away in a dark cupboard) to fully develop the flavour, but I'm incredibly impatient and they never last that long!

So today we're looking at Blackcurrant Tunes, if you're from the UK and you've had a cold then you know exactly what these delicious little lozenges taste like, and this e-liquid will not let you down! Developed by Messrs Kerr and McKenzie (if you're active in any e-liquid mixing groups on Facebook you will know them), it's a minty eucalyptus inhale with rich fruity blackcurrant on the exhale and it's utterly amazing! They say you can add Koolada to the recipe, but I really don't think it needs it.

At £23.99 for the 1 litre Boss Shot it's incredible value too, all you need is some PG and VG, available online in bulk for very little money and then nicotine if you desire, again even now in nic-shot form pretty cheap. 

People will always turn their noses up at DIY e-liquid as they believe USA made premium e-liquid is better, usually because they've only ever tried super cheap, poorly made home-brew before and refuse to try these recipes from reputable companies, but I must say, give them a try, you won't be disappointed! 

Now I'm aware I'm gushing and this must sound like a paid advert, but I can assure you this isn't the case, at the time of writing no-one at Flavour Boss is aware of my existence, but their products are ones I truly believe in and so in my own little way will try and support them!

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