Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Daedalus Pro by Avidartisan Review...

So, most of us here have tried mixing our own e-liquid at one point or another, and a lot of us wrap our own coils using fused clapton wire or some other such fancy design, but how many of us have tried making that wire, probably not many, and why not? Well, because it's really difficult! We watch the videos online and think all we need is a Black and Decker to make some of the gorgeous builds we see gracing the pages of Instagram, but alas, it's not that easy. That's where the Daedalus Pro by Avidartisan comes in... 

 It's essentially a small drill with directional and speed control powered by 2 18650 batteries or USB cable along with a jig that holds your wire and very easily makes the best claptons you've ever seen, all with very little effort or to be honest, skill. It made my day when I saw it takes 18650s as I've at least half a dozen lying round that I keep thinking I need to recycle as they're at the end of their life and so no good for vaping with, but they're perfect here.

In the box you get the Daedalus body, Smart coil jig, a clamp with swivel attached, 3 “magical” clapton tools for making multicore wire, a really nice spool of 40 gauge Lightning Vapes Ni80 wire to get you started and then various spares and parts. All it takes is watching a couple of quick videos on YouTube as the instructions that come included are a little vague and you're up and running.

Clamp one end of your wire in the drill and the other in the swivel, line up your jig, flick the switch and a couple of minutes later you'll have expertly wrapped clapton wire perfect to take arty Instagram ready photos of. It might not be cheap, but at £47 online and when you can find basic round wire for so little, compared to the cost of standard spools of clapton or alien wire for which you're paying big money, and even more so for pre-wrapped coils it'll pay for itself in no time. The Daedalus Pro seems to be built very well too, so as long as you take care of it then you should be wrapping your own wire with ease for years to come! 

 The biggest challenge I had was making the staggered spaced claptons I found a video of, they're essentially two pieces of wire with a spaced spring around each, fastened to each other by yet another piece of wire. Didn't get that? I don't blame you, I didn't either and I was watching them being made! It took me a couple of attempts and lot's of foul language, but eventually I got the grasp of it and they not only looked amazing, but the flavour and cloud production off them was outstanding. 

 In short, if you're a coil builder and fancy a new challenge you could do a lot worse than trying the Daedalus Pro by Avidartisan.

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