Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Vandy Vape Berserker - Review

Today we're taking a look at the Berserker MTL (Mouth to Lung) RTA made by Vandy Vape and "inspired by" Alex the Moldovan reviewer from VapersMD on YouTube, but as I unfortunately don't speak Russian I can't learn much from him...

I have the black version in for review, it's a 24mm single coil, mouth to lung RTA that comes with an ultem “tube” installed that keeps it TPD compliant holding 2ml of e-liquid and a spare pyrex glass and chimney extension that takes the capacity to 4ml. The paint seems to be of great quality, a lovely gloss black on mine (also available in Stainless Steel, gold and rainbow), and all the threads are silky smooth, everything seems to be machined really well. Straight out the box it has an ultem 510 drip tip installed with a slight fluted shape to it making it very comfortable to vape on, and another spare made out of Delrin the exact same shape.

The airflow ring around the bottom rotates easily, moving through a selection of single holes ranging from 0.8mm to 1.6mm, they all offer a very good MTL vape just with varying amounts of restriction, I've been hovering around the middle ranges on the scale, the 1.2mm hole is perfect for me most of the time, giving a tight pull, but delivering a satisfying cloud and nicotine hit.

I'm not usually a MTL vaper, I like very low ohm builds on an RDA with huge amounts of airflow, but I have to say I think I'm converted! I've had the Berserker for almost 2 weeks now, I wanted to use it properly before I gave an opinion and I've found myself being drawn to it every day. It's perfect first thing in the morning, when I'm watching a movie and don't want to fill the room with clouds, and especially at those times when I'm stressed, or maybe had a glass of wine or two too many and I can feel my fianceé's cigarettes calling me, then I grab my Berserker and I'm instantly satisfied, so I can thankfully remain The Beardey Vaper!

My only issue with the whole device would be the build deck, its a very simple single coil deck with a screw either end to hold your wire, but I feel it'd be far better with a small clamp either side. The screws don't have much clearance within the posts and the heads aren't particularly large so it can be tricky to get your wire tucked underneath and held properly, but with a little wiggle it's managable, just not as neat a situation as I'd like.

Wicking can also be a tad tricky (for me at least), the first time I tried it leaked like a sieve as I didn't use enough cotton, and my second attempt used too much cotton and so it didn't wick very well giving me dry hits if I chain vaped (thankfully low wattage dry hits aren't too bad). Third time was the charm though, with a 2.5mm ID coil, using just enough cotton to fill the coil, then cutting the wick at a slight angle and fluffing it up to fill the wicking channels it's vaping perfectly and not leaking at all.

My build is a very simple twisted 32 gauge SS316L 2.5mm ID coil, reading 0.47Ω. I've been vaping at anywhere between 20-30W using Flavour Boss Blackcurrant Tunes made up to 15mg with nicotine salts, and it's been pretty much perfect. I find I get more mint/menthol out of the juice than fruity blackcurrant, but as I was a menthol smoker I'm not finding that a bad thing at all! The other bonus to a device like this is that instead of the usual 30ml of e-liquid I can easily get through in a normal day I'm now using 2-3ml and haven't felt like I'm lacking in nicotine at all.

All in all, if you're either a new vaper and want feel like you're still smoking a cigarette or you're more experienced and struggling to keep off the stinkies at the weekends, then at just £26.99 at it's an amazing buy, go and treat yourself!


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