Saturday, 3 March 2018

Back To Basics - Coil Cleaning!

Today I'm wanting to start a new series, I'm going to call it “Back To Basics”, but I'm probably starting a little further down the line that I should! I'm starting with cleaning coils in a rebuildable atomiser, any type will work the same way as long as you can dry-fire your coils (I'll explain what this is later, so don't worry). As much as I maybe should start with installing coils and wicking them, I'm jumping in here because in the last few weeks on the Facebook groups and forums of which I'm a member I'm seeing a huge amount of people discussing this, not sure what they're doing, and people replacing their coils far more regularly than is really needed.

Now, a lot of coil builders out there do it because they love doing so, and so thoroughly enjoy replacing their coils every couple of days with a shiny new set, and as wire isn't particularly expensive if that's you, then all the best to you, have fun! This guide is for those builders who predominantly use pre-bought, sometimes very expensive coils and who want to get more life out of them, or those that like me, just can't be bothered putting a new build in their device and want to be up and vaping again in less than 5 mins!

So, for this guide I've been on these coils for around 2 weeks trying to get them as black and gunky as I can, but to be honest they still aren't that bad, the juice I've been on is pretty kind to coils, but no matter how gross your coils are, they will clean up to nearly new the exact same way!

I'm using the Dead Rabbit SQ here, as the raised deck shows off the coil nicely, on the Vandy Vape Pulse, my current all day device set up. Ideally I'd do this on a regulated device, and I recommend you do the same, just incase your coil moves or shorts, we don't want exploding batteries, but I was careful, and I love the Pulse, so I stuck with it. I'm also using a cup of water, where I'd normally use the tap, this just shows off the cleaning more easily, and you can see the gunk as it comes off. The tap will work much faster, just please, please be sure to keep water out of your device and away from batteries. Use a slow trickle, and angle your mod so that no water at all will hit it, a wet mod is likely to short and/or auto-fire, neither of these things will end well, at all, and so please be careful!

To start off with we need to remove the cotton from our coils, do this carefully as you don't want to distort or damage your coils, I find the easiest way is trim off one of your cotton legs as near to the coil as you can, then just gently pull it out.

Here we see a dirty, pretty nasty looking coil out of the CoilMaster Skynet kit, and as it's such a lovely parallel build, I don't want to get rid of it quite yet. All we're doing to start is giving it a quick dip to rinse off any juice left on it, then we're going to “dry-fire” our coil. All this means is to heat up your coil until its glowing red without any cotton or juice. Once it's glowing red you need to then get it in the water, and you'll see the filth come straight off. You may need to repeat this a couple of times to make sure its nice and clean, but it really is as simple as that! Just be sure to not use cold water, I tend to just use slightly warm, if your coils go from red hot to freezing cold that quickly then it can “shock” the metal causing them to wear out much faster, and sometimes just fail altogether, leaving you having to replace them anyway.

Once we're clean (it'll never be quite as shiny as new, but it will vape perfectly), then I simply heat the coil slightly to dry it and the build deck off, before we we-wick and are good to vape. This process can be repeated over, and over again, I've had coils in RDAs for months, even with vaping on them every day. These coils have been in my Dead Rabbit since I bought it, all I keep doing is cleaning them off, and there's no reason you can't do the same!

Keep an eye out here, I'm going to keep these guides coming, and if you've any suggestions just drop a comment here or on my Instagram!

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