Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod - review

Well, I'm an over 6 foot tall, nearly 20 stone bearded bloke currently vaping on a rainbow coloured pod device not much larger than a zippo lighter, and my god, I'm in love...

So, the reason I have this device is that I wanted to review the Ruthless nic salts eliquid I was sent, and as they recommended a pod device I wanted to do them justice, and I thought once I'd tried all the juice out I'd pass it on to the Mrs and she could use it.

I went to my local B&M vape shop (find them online here and spoke to the guys in there about what they'd recommend as I know they try almost every new device out there and they really know what they're talking about. The first thing I noticed was that every one of them had one of these on a lanyard around their necks... One of the guys in the shop told me I had to try his out straight away, yes, this was the device I wanted to use, I just needed to see what colour the Mrs would want, and of course, rainbow... Unfortunately I fell in love with it and so its mine, in all it's rainbow glory!!

So... in the box you get the device, a tiny little thing with a 950mAh battery and just one button to turn it on and off, it's draw-activated which is handy. You get 2 pods which each hold 2ml of liquid, a great little flat USB cable and a lanyard connector.

So, the pods, they're little plastic pods containing a tiny 1.2ohm coil and using organic Japanese cotton, with 2 metal connectors and a rubber bung covering the fill hole. There's then a hole right through the centre for the draw activation and a small hole for your vapour. As far as the airflow goes, it's a restricted direct to lung hit for me, but I know the guys in The Vapour Bar have been using it Mouth to Lung, I just find it a touch airy for MTL, even with the little plug they supply installed in the airflow to restrict it. I find a gentle direct to lung draw works best for me, but can sometimes result in a dry hit, I feel that might be user error though! They say you can fill the pods around 5 times, and that seems about right for me, and for the amount I've been using it, which to be honest is quite a lot I've had about a week out of each pod.

The device itself feels great in the hand, it's tiny, but feels really substantial. It lights up when on charge or when vaping, starting at full battery - blue, 50% battery - purple and oh bugger recharge quickly - red. There's a tiny little button that you can click 5 times to turn the device on and off or hold it for 5 seconds to activate "stealth mode" which just turns off the LED.

As far as the device goes that's about it, it's really simple and works brilliantly, I absolutely love mine, just wish I'd gone with a manlier colour! At £36.99 here (The Vapour Bar - MiPod) it's an absolute bargain and with the pods at £7.49 for 2 they're pretty good value too, especially when you take into account how little liquid you will get through using this!

If I lost this would I buy another... Well I've considered this a few times as it's so bloody tiny and I refuse to wear it around my neck, and yes, I really would, what a brilliant little device! I may even have to buy myself a manlier colour and let my good lady have this one!

Monday, 7 May 2018

Texas Tuff cotton - Review

Yet another US company has taken a chance on this daft bearded bloke from the UK and sent me a selection of all their cotton for me to check out and review, and so I want to start by saying a huge thankyou to them!

So there's two varients here the OG "Texas Tuff - not another pansy ass cotton ball", and then "Juicy Wix" and they each come in "original" and "quick wix" form.

Basically the Texas Tuff OG is a raw organic cotton and you can see it's a slight brown colour and the Juicy Wix is brilliant white, presumably it's been treated, but I can't find out how anywhere. Then the magic comes with the Quick Wix, it's long cotton fibers all combed the same way so you can see the individual strands of cotton, not like a ball of fluff you usually get.

I have to say, I'm not the biggest fan of the original Texas Tuff, I find it takes quite a while to break in and have a good flavour.

However, I'm absolutely in love with Juicy Wix, it's been the only cotton I've used for about a month now, Ive wanted to make sure I was happy before I put an opinion out there, and I really am happy. It's great in original form but as Quick Wix it's brilliant, so easy to wick with and it fluffs really well, holds a tonne of eliquid and has such a long life!

I usually use Native Wicks cotton, but I definitely think I've found a new favourite!

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Ruthless Nic-Salt Eliquid - Review

Well, the lovely people over at Ruthless Vapor have sent me some juice to review, and I can't thank them enough. It means a lot that a huge company would send me stuff to review, but I will say here it won't affect my opinion at all, I'm not going to say something is great just because it's free.

Anyway, what do we have... 

So they sent 2 flavours from their new nic-salt line, Grape Drank on Ice and Ez Duz It, both at an eye-watering 35mg nicotine level and then a 60ml bottle each of their new flavours Strizzy and Tropic Thunda.

Well, Grape Drank was the first "premium" juice I ever tried and I fell in love instantly, it's exactly like an American grape soda, and the Grape Drank on Ice is exactly the same with a cool exhale that I think just enhances it! This could very easily be an all day vape for me, and pretty much has been for the last few weeks while I've been sampling it, I haven't tried a better juice in a long time!

Unfortunately I'm not a fan of strawberry e-liquid at all, and the other three flavours are strawberry based, however, Ez Duz It with the watermelon is utterly delicious, the strawberry doesnt take over and I really like this juice!

Now to Strizzy and Tropic Thunda, they're both a bit too heavy on the strawberry for me, so I gave them to a friend who loves both strawberry and Ruthless juice and definitely made his day. He absolutely loved the guava behind the strawberry in the Tropic Thunda and the kiwi in the Strizzy. I just wish I liked strawberry!

Now, down to the insane amount of nicotine in the salt-nic line... We in the UK obviously won't get anywhere near this high as and when these make their way here, but my god I wish we could. There's little to no throat hit and in a little pod device (the MiPod Gen Three to be exact, review coming soon) the nicotine hit is fantastic. Brilliant when you can't chain vape or you're having a stressful day!

Would I buy these if they were to be released in the UK? Absolutely for Grape Drank on Ice and Ez Duz It... Tropic Thunda and Strizzy no, I wouldnt, but that's just my preference. They're still excellent e-liquids and definitely made my friends day, well, his week when I gave him 120ml of free juice, just a shame they aren't to my taste!

Once again, an enormous thankyou to the wonderful people over at Ruthless Vapor for taking a chance on a daft bearded bloke from the UK.