Monday, 7 May 2018

Texas Tuff cotton - Review

Yet another US company has taken a chance on this daft bearded bloke from the UK and sent me a selection of all their cotton for me to check out and review, and so I want to start by saying a huge thankyou to them!

So there's two varients here the OG "Texas Tuff - not another pansy ass cotton ball", and then "Juicy Wix" and they each come in "original" and "quick wix" form.

Basically the Texas Tuff OG is a raw organic cotton and you can see it's a slight brown colour and the Juicy Wix is brilliant white, presumably it's been treated, but I can't find out how anywhere. Then the magic comes with the Quick Wix, it's long cotton fibers all combed the same way so you can see the individual strands of cotton, not like a ball of fluff you usually get.

I have to say, I'm not the biggest fan of the original Texas Tuff, I find it takes quite a while to break in and have a good flavour.

However, I'm absolutely in love with Juicy Wix, it's been the only cotton I've used for about a month now, Ive wanted to make sure I was happy before I put an opinion out there, and I really am happy. It's great in original form but as Quick Wix it's brilliant, so easy to wick with and it fluffs really well, holds a tonne of eliquid and has such a long life!

I usually use Native Wicks cotton, but I definitely think I've found a new favourite!

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